What are the Frequently Used Makeup?

Being a girl is not easy. The natural feeling of the necessity of makeup that comes in whenever you need to step out of the house is real. As a woman or a girl, you might be having your favourite makeup products as well. These are usually what you carry around in your handbag in a small case which you put to use whenever a fashion emergency arises. Any lady would own these basic makeup products that keep them in style; lipstick, foundation, eyeliner and mascara. Let us take a look at why women love to use these and what benefits they gain out of it.


Women find pride in their eyes. Eyeliner is just the perfect product to make them look even prettier. Depending on the shape for your eye, along with the eyeball colour, the methods of applying it will vary. However, the usual practise is to apply the liquid eyeliner on the eyelid and use the pencil to draw on the waterline. Yet, some use many different methods in performing these tasks. Also, if you have the habit of using eye shadow as well, the best method is to first apply the eye shadow and then eye liner over it.


From a very young age, girls get used to using lipstick. Starting from a simple lip gloss, they slowly evolve to the very colourful lipsticks that make their lips look full and pretty. However, it is important that you have an idea about your lip shape before picking colours that suit you. You should not always believe that applying a colour that suits your outfit will be sufficient. It needs to suit your skin tone as well as the shape of your lips in order for it to standout.


Foundation is a very helpful product to most women as they can easily cover up things they do not want others to see. Now you can many types of foundation and even pick the ones based on how long you want them to last. There are those that even last for almost a day and yet be effectively evident and not even cause your face to sweat. Therefore, when you purchase foundation, make sure that you reply on a reputed brand.


You do not want to make your eyelashes feel left alone, do you? Mascara will help you enhance those beautiful lashes, making them look longer, fatter and curlier, giving your eyes an overall makeover in a positive way.

Do you have all these somewhere in your hand bag?

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