Living a Fashionable Life

Everyone fancies living a fashionable life. When we see the lives that the Hollywood stars live, in grandeur, embracing unbelievable fashion and trends, we cannot help but feel envious towards their lives. Fear not, as it is only them that are blessed enough to experience fashionable lives, but we too can have a low budget yet highly fashionable life to satisfy our inner movie star. Here are some tips for you to make sure that you know how to transform your life to that of a stylish one with a lower budget than others do.


Remember that we are all human and being drawn by mundane pursuits is not something unusual. However, it is in our self control to make sure that it does not go overboard. Therefore, you must first learn to listen to your needs and not wants. Your wants might lead you astray while only your needs can tell what you exactly need to survive. One minute you could be shopping for furniture, and then the next minute you find something else appealing, there is a tendency of you throwing that new couch for a newer one. Do not be fooled. Be wise!


If you are at a sale, remember that you are entitled to a certain discount. You have the right to speak up and ask whether they offer it for the product that you are buying or not. If you feel like they are cheating on you, leave the shop and go into another. Remember that it is not the only store around that offers quality products. If you do enter a shop that had a recent sale, it is worth a shot asking if they still offer those discounts; even if they say no, you gave it a try and that should satisfy you.


Shop for new clothes. Get rid of those old dresses in your wardrobe and purchase new ones to go with the trends of the 21st century. Especially at a time where fashion seems to be running with its trends, you need to adapt to its pace. You will not need a large sum of money to do this. A garage sale would be one of the best options you have to sell your old things and get some cash. There will always be people that are willing to buy old fashioned things.

Use cash

Keep a certain portion of cash for your makeup. Why? Then you know that you will not go overboard with it. Therefore, when the cash finishes, you know that you should not spend further and that you have made the best use of it.

As you see, it is not a difficult task to live a fashionable life, but it is how you think and act that would determine it.

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