Important Nail Polish Facts

Don’t you just fancy painting your nails for an occasion? Do you own a large collection of nail polish bottles in your makeup kit? If you do, then you are a true nail polish lover that finds it an important part of your daily routine. Changing colour according to what you wear is a thrill you find that nothing else can give you. However, even for a pro nail polish used, there are certain facts that might still be foreign. Following are some of the interesting facts that you might have never known, although you have been using nail polish for a lifetime.

Where did it come from?

Where do you believe it originated from? At the fashion capital, France? No way! It was introduced in the country of China. Yes, China! Can you believe it? As early as 3000 BC is when the use of nail polish began. It then contained beeswax, gelatine, egg whites and vegetable oils. Not only in China, even in Egypt, ail polish was used. For what was it used? They used it as a method of distinguishing classes and rankings of people in their society.

Cars and nail polish

Although nail polish was used since a very olden age, you might have noticed that the ingredients used to make them seem very much different from what is used now to produce them. Then what inspired the modern day nail polish? The invention of the car was what brought about a new life to nail polish. The inspiration came along with the automobile paints and Revlon took pride in becoming the first ever brand to introduce nail polish to the world; the colour was cream.

How did it become popular?

A common misconception is that nail polish like any other fashions came out and were popularized in the city of Paris where the fashion capital lies. None of it is true. As a matter of fact, it was Hollywood that popularized nail polish. Actresses Rita Hayworth and Uma Thurman were the first ladies to use them on the big screen and make it a trend.

There’s food in them?

Did you know that some nail polish have food in them? It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have food, but more like extracts of food. Modern nail polish makers have begun to include garlic and cucumber in order to harden and prevent splitting respectively.

Did you know these facts about nail polish before?

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